Wholesale Beads and Gemstones

Wholesale customers are customers who sell their wares as a government registered business. They have spent the time and effort to acquire tax IDs and employer identification numbers (EINs), and maybe a resale license that allows them to buy things without taxation.


We support our wholesale customers with great discounts, a stunning selection of stones and supplies, and excellent customer support. We also protect our designers by ensuring our discounts are reserved for legitimate businesses. However, we do require documentation of your EIN or tax ID in order to verify your business is registered before we can give you any discount. Sales tax documents are the best documentation, but we can also accept business registration documents. Every state, or country, is different and we can accept your documentation regardless of whether you’re registered in Connecticut. Jewelry designers from Maine to California are welcome!

Not sure if you qualify? Click that button below to submit an application, anyway! We’ll contact you directly and answer any and all questions you have about being a wholesale customer at Beadworks.

Click here to sign up as a wholesaler!


Just getting started selling your handmade jewelry?

Everyone has to start somewhere, and we’re here to help! Even if you’re just starting out by selling your jewelry to a passerby on the street that just had to have your one of a kind necklace, or if you’ve started selling your wares at craft fairs or on Instagram, you can still get great support from Beadworks! Our Budding Designer Program offers some discounts on many of the products we carry to help you get your business off the ground. These discounts allow you to price your handmade jewelry competitively and make a tidy income off your beloved hobby. Sales tax is still charged on all purchases until you have a registered sale license. To see if you qualify, please complete our online application and give us all the details of your current selling activities, including Etsy, social media, or fairs. We’ll get back to you right away!