It’s Back! The 2-3-5 Gemstone Strands Sale!

That’s right, your favorite sale is back! We are starting Fall all off right with everyone’s favorite sale! Brand new Fall & Winter toned gems we kept from our Gem Show will be perfect for making jewelry to get us through the upcoming months. Feel better about longer nights and colder days with some new … Continue Reading

How Has Leo Season Been?

Happy Birthday, Lovely Leos! How as Leo season been treating you? For those of you who were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, it’s your time to shine! Let your inner lion roar with a little help from some crystal gemstone beads. Create a handmade piece of jewelry here at Beadworks, or just pick up a … Continue Reading

2-3-5 Strand Sale for August!

New month, new sale! This is one of our best deals at Beadworks, the 2-3-5 strand sale! You might be wondering what the heck we mean. It’s simple: 20% off each strand if you buy 2 strands. If you buy 3 strands, 30% off each! And if you buy 5 or more strands, that’s 50% … Continue Reading

Endless Knowledge of Gemstone Beads

Learning is part of making I am the newest member of the Beadworks family and let me tell you, I have been learning so much since I started working here. Three months ago I knew so little about crystals and gemstones. It was a bit overwhelming looking at our walls and realizing I knew maybe … Continue Reading

Gemstones to Help You Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded It is easy to get swept up into the busyness of everyday life. Our routines can become too comfortable, or we keep ourselves so busy that we don’t have time to hear our own thoughts. If this sounds like you, good job! You found this post, which is a great first step in … Continue Reading

Making Macrame jewelry

Macrame, a Summer Classic, is Easy and Fun! Macrame takes over the wrists and ankles of summer goers. This simply stunning jewelry making technique is perfect for those lazy summer days. Sit back and relax with some stringing material and a handful of your favorite gemstone beads and macrame away. We’ve got all you need … Continue Reading