Topaz and Citrine, November’s birthstones

November babies, you’re in luck — you’ve got your choice of two gorgeous birthstones, topaz and citrine! Hot and Cold Colors While citrine and topaz come in an incredible array of colors, here at Beadworks we’re fans of the classic sunshine-gold citrine and sky-blue topaz. And what better metaphor for this moment of seasonal transition than … Continue Reading

Philadelphia Museum of Art Exhibit: Lino Tagliapietra

Inspiration for Glass Bead Jewelry: Glass Painting with Lino Tagliapietra While Beadworks is known to carry a variety of gemstones and semi-precious beads we also have a huge selection of the bead classic–glass beads. Glass beads are typically more affordable than stones and have an enormous range of colors, shapes and styles. The beads are … Continue Reading

Creative Inspiration – Where to Start?

Get creative with these tips! Being a designer sounds fun 24-7 but it is actually a lot of work and can sometimes be challenging when you get a creative block. Every great design starts with a great idea and occasionally your inner “creative well” runs dry. We have a few tips to help get the ideas flowing for … Continue Reading

Leather Cuff Class is Great for Men and Women

This deceptively easy leather cuff is a versatile accessory for men or women. Master the basics of working with leather cord ends while you make this cuff in our workshop. With these skills, you’ll be able to make a wide variety of leather jewelry. Just an hour and $40 gets you TWO cool leather cuff … Continue Reading

A Bead Store Gets Snowed In Too

Don’t let the mild weather fool you! Winter is here Getting around Philadelphia in snow or ice can be tough. Nature’s challenges sometimes mean that we just can’t open or have to open late. We ALWAYS post the news immediately on our Beadworks Facebook page. Please check before making the trek to your favorite bead store in questionable weather. … Continue Reading

Fluorite Gemstones

Learn about Fluorite Gemstones We all need a little extra healing and self love after the intensity of the election and the demands of the holidays. Enter Fluorite! Come learn about this healing and stabilizing gemstone from our resident gemstone guru Roisin. Free workshop is on January 7th at 2pm at our Philly location.