How to Make Your Own Waist Beads

Waist beads are traditional colorful beaded accessories that originated in Africa many centuries ago. They are traditionally worn around the waist or hips, and symbolize divine femininity. Today, waist beads are still admired by many for their beauty, cultural significance, and symbolism. Many people wear waist beads to promote: body positivity self-love acceptance womanhood Here … Continue Reading

Take a Virtual Jewelry Making Class

Learn Jewelry Making from Home We’re now offering virtual jewelry making lessons! Now is the perfect time to learn a new creative skill from the comfort of your home. Video lessons start at $25 for a 30-minute private session. First and foremost, you’ll definitely want to be in a quiet space with good lighting (a … Continue Reading

Lava Beads + Essential Oils

Lava bead bracelets are also commonly known as diffuser jewelry. Diffusers can lift your mood, brighten your day, and improve your health. Lava is a porous material meaning it readily absorbs liquid. Just like all other essential oils, use a Q-tip or your finger to rub the oil over the surface of your wood or … Continue Reading

How to Finish Off Your Stretchy Bracelet…

A question I often get asked in-store is “How do you tie off your stretch cord when making a bracelet” and I am thrilled to let you in on this quick tip. After beading on all of your components to your stretch cord,  you want to finish off by tying a knot. Here at Beadworks, … Continue Reading

A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Chains

Here at Beadworks we have a vast selection of chains, and for anyone just starting out in the jewelry world it could be a tad overwhelming. Below are some examples of some of the most popular chains as well as a description. Rolo chain is made up of symmetrical links that are joined together. Usually, … Continue Reading

Learn How to Wire-Wrap Gemstone Beads Like a Pro

Learn how to wire-wrap gemstone beads in our Crystal Wrapping Class! In this class, Beadworks’ wire-wrapping expert, Krystal Gorman (yes, her name is really Krystal) will teach you how to create the perfect wire-wrapped cage for your special crystal. This is an advanced wire-wrapping class, so we recommend taking our Introductory Wire-Wrapping Class first before … Continue Reading