Learn to make your own jewelry!

You can make your own jewelry for a fraction of the cost of buying it. We are a full-service bead store, with a huge variety of all the materials one would need to design and create your own jewelry. We boast a knowledgeable staff and an in-house design table where anyone can come in to assemble a piece on the spot. This is also where we hold classes and a range of parties for creative people ages 9 and up.

Please call 215-413-2323 to make your reservation or use our contact form to send in an email reservation. You must sign up in advance for these classes. If you do not cancel 24 hours prior to the class date you will be charged in full for the missed class.

Introductory Bead Stringing

The art of jewelry-making can appear to be a daunting task at first, but this class aims to get any beginner on their way to becoming a skilled designer. You will become versed in using fundamental tools, how to choose the proper string for your project, experimenting with design, and attaching a clasp. Each student will walk away with a beaded project and the ability to make their own necklaces and bracelets!

Fee: $40

Introductory Wire Wrapping

Wire working allows you to make a variety of jewelry. In our introductory wire work class you will learn how to wire gemstones and pendants to create beautiful earrings. Each student will get to choose from a variety of colorful gemstones and beads to create three different styles of earrings. We will also teach you the more advanced briolette technique.

Fee: $40

Traditional  Knotting

In this class you will learn to knot pearls and semi-precious stones with silk thread. You will learn the traditional European knotting technique used by professional beaders. A fabulous way to show off your most treasured beads!

Fee: $45

Macrame Bracelet

The art of Macrame provides a foundation for creating endless projects with hundreds of possibilities. You will learn about a variety of kinds of cording to use for this stitch as well as how to add beads throughout your piece. Each student will walk away with their own hand-knotted bracelet and the ability to apply this technique to any of their crafting projects.

Fee: $55 

Private Lesson

Want to learn how to make jewelry but need it scheduled at your convenience? Maybe you just want undivided attention? Either way, Beadworks offers private lessons that are scheduled on your time.

Fee: $75 

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Learn the super-trendy and adaptable bracelet technique necessary to make a single wrap leather bracelet embellished with gemstone or glass beads in class. Once you have mastered this technique you’ll be able to attempt the double and triple wraps that everybody loves! Class includes all materials

Fee: $55