Pearls are a favorite at Beadworks and our selection is vast from large hole pearls to coin pearls to lustrous baroque pearls. One of the questions we often get is “Are these all real?!” Well if you read the title, then you already know the answer is yes!

Since pearls are so versatile, they have the ability to dress up any outfit, making it easy to create a black-tie ready piece of jewelry with the addition of pearls. On the other hand, pearl earrings are a timeless classic. They work with any outfit, any day of the year.

If you’re reading this thinking, “I don’t have money for real pearls!”, I’m going to have to tell you to think again. We’ve got a big range of pearls for every budget. You can find strands at Beadworks from $5! We also sell individual pearl beads that are easy to include in your pieces and are sure to make a statement no matter how many you use. Most of the pearls we have in the store are freshwater pearls, but if you keep digging, you can find some high-end Tahitian pearls too!

Make Your Own Pearl Jewelry

There are so many ways to incorporate pearls into your jewelry, it would almost be easier to tell you what you can’t do with pearls (but we wouldn’t want to limit you creative jewelry designers out there). One method for using pearl beads is silk knotting. At one point, pearls were so coveted that silk knotting was used between each bead so that if the string broke, you wouldn’t lose all of your precious pearls. If you need an introduction to silk knotting, check out our classes coming up! We’ve got a huge selection of different colored silk thread for you to choose from.

If you’re (k)not that into knotting, you could always make a ring with a nice pearl bead. You could go classic and use a small, round pearl, or go all out and pick a super unique, irregularly shaped baroque pearl. You could even use super small pearl beads so that you can include two or three in the same ring! If you want a chance to make your very own pearl ring, check out the dates for our cocktail ring class.

Gold post earrings with freshwater pearls made at beadworks

If earrings are your thing, then you’ve got a ton of options too. Yes, pearls look incredible as post earrings, but they are also superstars when it comes to longer earrings. The examples above were made with gold filled chain and tiny freshwater pearls. It’s up to you how many pearl beads you want to use, as well as what color, shape, and size.

Have you made jewelry recently that incorporated pearls? We’d love to see them! Post them on Instagram and tag us @BeadworksPhiladelphia, or stop by and show us in person!


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