You can call it a mala, yoga beads, or Buddhist prayer beads. Whatever you call it, know that this piece of jewelry will aid with meditation and focus. Even the act of making the bracelet or necklace is in itself very meditative.

Learn the traditional craft of silk knotting while also getting to know the different gemstones we have in the store. You will be free to choose any color of round gemstone and get help with the type of stone that will be best for you. This piece of jewelry will be unique to you.

Along with the gemstones, you will also pick out coordinating tassels and silk thread. Traditional malas have 21, for bracelets, or 108 beads for necklaces crafted from gemstones, seeds, or wood and are often finished with an additional “guru bead”. You will leave class with your very own bracelet or necklace and the knowledge and skill to make your own whenever you want!

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