Ask and you shall receive: we’re finally fully stocked with amber in a variety of shapes and sizes! Let’s get to know a bit more about the history and meaning behind this rich golden stone.

How It’s Made

Amber is a gem 100 million years in the making, and it is not a crystal or mineral. It is completely organic as it’s derived from the resin of a species of tree that is now extinct. The resin from the trees hardened over time, creating the substance we know today.

The material had various uses throughout history, such as incense for Aztecs and Mayans, given as gifts, and used for decorative purposes later on. Aside from being turned into beads for jewelry making and decoration, amber is also used as a way to study animal and plant materials that became fossilized in the sticky substance millions of years ago. This stuff holds a lot of history (literally)!

Uses for Amber

Amber is known for its protection and renewal properties. It managed to preserve animals in its hardened resin for millions of years, so you can see how much power it can harness.

Its purifying abilities have been known to draw pain away from the body and mind by absorbing negative energy. The stone has traditionally been used for protecting children, and it is common to give a necklace made out of amber to teething babies to ease the pain (though it should not be placed in the baby’s mouth).

Amber can also be used to purify a space, and can create an air of protection. It is also a good stone for easing stress, increasing vitality, and encouraging longevity, making it an ideal stone for the elderly.


Stop by the shop today and ask to see our selection of amber beads! We’ll help materialize your vision for harnessing the protective properties of this beautiful stone.

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