Keep yourself healthy and happy this January using these pointers from the ladies of Beadworks!

Herbal bath

If you feel that January chill in your bones you know it’s time for a hot bath — sometimes it’s the only way I can warm up again after a long day in the deep of winter. Amp up the restorative power of a hot bath by adding a muslin bag containing a cup’s worth of dried herbs: try chamomile and lavender to sooth the nervous system and promote a good night’s sleep, calendula and marshmallow to provide relief for dry skin, or ginger and lemon balm to kickstart your immune system. Add a quartz or amethyst crystal to your bath for extra healing power!

Spicy Tea

Echinacea is a plant native to North America that has been shown to support the immune system. It is widely available as a dried herb and a tea. While it won’t cure a cold once you have one, it’s an excellent preventative measure and should be added to your daily routine. I also love brewing a ginger tea by boiling loads of fresh ginger with slices of lemon: in addition to its spicy, sinus-clearing kick, ginger is an anti-inflammatory and boosts circulation to raise your body temperature.


Whether it’s from the cold outside or from turning on the heat indoors, winter has a tendency to dry you up inside and out! In addition to being super uncomfortable, dryness in your nose and throat will make it harder for your body to defend against germs and increase your risk of catching a cold. A humidifier is an easy fix to diffuse moisture into your home environment — keep one in your bedroom and turn it on while you’re sleeping! An essential oil diffuser is a great way to add moisture to and revitalize you room!

Crystals (Duh)

Who are we kidding? Of course we’re gonna talk about crystals! This time of year can be tough on the body and mind, but also consider the restorative potential of wintertime. Hunker down, hibernate, rest up and make the most of this excuse to get really introspective! Onyx deepens connection with yourself and clarifies your personal motivations, and Ruby reinvigorates your passions so you can enter the new year strong. Citrine and sunstone can aid with motivation, positivity and inspiration if the winter blues are getting you down!


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