January children, your birthstone is gorgeous Garnet!

Almandine Garnet~

Did you know that Philly’s own Wissahickon Creek is home to Almandine Garnets?! Yes, come Spring time you can go digging (non intrusively please!!) along the creek beds and potentially come across some!

Most of us associate the gemstone Garnet with a brilliant red color (which it is) but there are a spectrum of Garnets and all of them are equally as juicy! We wanted to introduce an unfamiliar Garnet called Almandine. It has a rich and earthy tone that tends to be more deep brown and purple. While Almandine is often too opaque for gemstone use, we think this wine-hued stone has compelling depth and its warmth is perfect for these wintry months. Winter is a time to bunker down, get to know the roots that make you you and be grateful for the opportunity to slow down.

Grounding and Uplifting Properties

Almandine garnet is often used as a tool of manifestation and it helps bring imagination to life. It combines the passion and fire of a red mineral with the calming, grounded energy of muted browns — so use garnet to channel your creative energy and make it reality as we begin this new year! It is associated with the Root/ Base Chakra, the grounding Chakra that concerns the health and safety of the body. Almandine garnet can serve as a conduit for energy to move between the Root and Crown Chakras, uniting the physical body with the mind’s spiritual energy. We must have a solid foundation in order to build so always be sure to keep your Root Chakra unblocked above all!

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