November babies, you’re in luck — you’ve got your choice of two gorgeous birthstones, topaz and citrine!

Hot and Cold Colors

While citrine and topaz come in an incredible array of colors, here at Beadworks we’re fans of the classic sunshine-gold citrine and sky-blue topaz.¬†And what better metaphor for this moment of seasonal transition than a combination of warm citrine and frosty topaz?

Citrine: the Sunshine Stone

Citrine is a quartz crystal that often has a pale yellow tone: because it’s a quartz, you may find sparkling rainbow inclusions revealed by the sunlight! Citrine is warmly energizing, inspiring physical vitality as well as stimulating your creative streak. It is a stone of wealth and abundance, so use that inspiration to plan your business venture or work on your personal budget.

Topaz: Think Big

Topaz is a silicate gemstone whose hardness and bright shimmer make it an affordable but stunning substitute for diamonds. Blue topaz is an intellectual stone, enhancing the clarity of mind we need to parse out complex ideas and helping us articulate language to communicate effectively.

In Conclusion..

Topaz and Citrine are a power combo for this month, not just for their colorful interplay but also for their potential to boost your inspiration and communication. Shoot for the stars this month because these two gemstones will keep you on top of your business!

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