Lighten your load and amplify your smile with Sunstone 🙂

The Summer Solstice this year was June 21. We began the season filled with the sun shining brightly, so it’s fitting that we discuss one of the brightest gemstones, Sunstone. It is said to uplift and amplify the spirit, opening the heart to the Universal flow of love.

Sunstone is a translation from its original name heliolite, from Greek’s “helio” for sun and “lithos” for stone. It’s found in basalt flats, or really anywhere there’s been volcanic activity. Sunstone is a type of feldspar, a stone that forms as magma cools. Other types of feldspar are Amazonite, Labradorite (one of Beadworks’ favorite gemstones), and moonstone. The color comes from copper inclusions that vary in size and shape. If they’re more akin to scales than strands, it can give the gemstone a glittering appearance like Aventurine or Blue Goldstone. This type of Sunstone is most commonly found in the Indian mines.

Sunstone carries the energy of  the Sun God Ra. Empowering us to bring as much of our inner leader and lover to the surface so that we may share it with others. This sparkling gemstone is amplifying and reflective. It gently allows us to look inward and nurture those parts of self in need.

Up until very recently, Sunstone was a commodity gemstone, closer to emeralds or sapphires. In the classical era, most came from India and Tanzania, and regulated to obscurity and incredibly expensive prices. It wasn’t until the 19th century that it was found in Norway, making it more affordable and slightly more common. Still, only the very wealthy could afford the stone. In the early 20th century, large mines were established in Oregon, making sunstone the common and well loved gemstone we see today.


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