That’s right, our pairs and pendants are all on sale! Buy any 1 pair or pendant and get 10% off. Or, buy any 2 and get 20% off. Better yet, buy 3 or more and get 30% off!

Our pairs and pendants are perfect for creating one of a kind sets of jewelry, whether it’s a perfect pair of earrings with a matching necklace, or a set of necklaces to share with close friends. The gemstones chosen vary from labradorite bullet pendants to smooth, square aquamarine pairs to briolette garnet pendants and pairs, so you can customize your project to any color pallet. You can use a variety of different designs, since our selection varies from the size of a tear drop to heavy pendants. You can make your new jewelry as delicate and intricate as you please. If you’re new to making jewelry, click here to sign up for our classes to learn how to make surprisingly simple sets out of these beautiful gemstones!

They also make for fantastic gifts, which is perfect for Mother’s Day coming up.

Come in today to find inspiration for your next project!


Image of pairs and pendants in a variety of colors

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