Get creative with these tips!

Being a designer sounds fun 24-7 but it is actually a lot of work and can sometimes be challenging when you get a creative block. Every great design starts with a great idea and occasionally your inner “creative well” runs dry. We have a few tips to help get the ideas flowing for coming up with beautiful jewelry design ideas or any other creative pursuit.

Carry a sketchbook, everywhere!

You never know where, or when inspiration will strike so you need to be prepared to jot a note down or sketch a doodle at a moment’s notice. If you don’t have something to put your awesome idea down on you will likely forget it and miss the opportunity for a new project. It also is a great resource to check back on old notes and drawings to see how your ideas have formed and can help inspire new designs from past reflections.

Get out of your comfort zone. 

The saying goes that you only grow when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and we couldn’t agree more. Challenge yourself by trying new activities, speaking to people at work/school you don’t normally talk to, or traveling to a new place even if it’s just a different part of the town where you live. New experiences are the foundation for new ideas and will fuel your creativity.

Make mistakes.

Our society puts a lot of pressure on perfection. Images you see in social media whether it’s of a person, place or item are carefully curated to be shown in a flawless way.  Well let us tell you perfection is unreal and mistakes –even failure, are a whole lot more helpful in life to get you to success then trying to be perfect all the time. Be ok with making a terrible looking necklace that falls apart after one wear. It’s ok if your bracelet design backfires and turns into a hot mess. These mistakes are all learning experiences and help shape us and teach us what works and what doesn’t. Without mistakes you never know what NOT to do, so think of it as a tool and not a setback.

These are just a few ideas to help you get inspired and motivated to keep designing. Let us know what helps you out? Follow us facebook and share your thoughts!

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