Tourmaline is a beautiful gemstone known for its varying colors. Its name originates from the Singhalese phrase “tura mali”, which means “stone mixed with vibrant colors.”  This magical gem can be found in shades of blue, pink, green, and even black. Tourmaline can also have a chatoyancy similar to a cat’s eye or tiger’s eye.  However, this beautiful effect is much softer than a cat’s eye due to the larger, tube-like inclusions that grow naturally during the early stages of the gem’s formation. It’s a rarity to find one with a high schiller.

The chemical make-up of Tourmaline determines the physical properties of the stone, especially the color. Iron-rich Tourmalines are typically jet-black or darker shades. Magnesium-rich Tourmalines are typically smokey-brown to yellow, and Iithium-rich Tourmalines can be red, magenta-pink, teal-blue, forrest-green, and practically any shade.

Many healers believe that Tourmaline is a great stone for body detoxification. It can help blood circulation, eliminate toxic metals, relieve stress, and promote a positive mood. Overall, it is a great stone to be kept in the house or worn as an adornment.

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