Learn to Work with Metals

We are excited to share the news of our upcoming, metal workshops. This Summer, learn how to stamp metal charms and pendants, punch set gemstones, work with various metal finishes, and so much more. Metal work skills are great to learn if you enjoy creating unique, handcrafted jewelry and would like to incorporate something new … Continue Reading

Amazonite: The Stone of the Amazon River

Amazonite, often called the Stone of Courage, was named after South America’s Amazon River, despite never actually being found in the river. Instead, it was discovered in places around Brazil. Today, Amazonite can be found in Brazil, the United States, Russia, Australia, and Zimbabwe. Amazonite is a feldspar, which is a large and common family … Continue Reading

Know Your Symbols: Meditation Buddha

The Meditation Buddha, also known as ‘Sleeping’ Buddha or Serenity Buddha, symbolizes peace and calmness. It can be helpful for those who wish to improve their meditation skills. The faint smile depicts the serene nature and nobility after reaching enlightment. All in all, the sleeping Buddha is a great symbol for those who are seeking … Continue Reading

Get Creative with Gemstone Rondelles

It is common to feel overwhelmed by the thought of working with gemstone rondelles due to their tiny size. As beautiful as they are, many people struggle with figuring out exactly what to do with them. Despite their tiny holes, there are actually endless design possibilties — whether you enjoy the traditional beaded look, the … Continue Reading

Dendrite Opal: Nature’s Stone

Dendrite is the term used to describe the tree-like inclusions found in some Opals. These beautiful dark marks appear due to the prescence of manganise oxides or silicates. Dendrite Opal is usually gathered from the mines of New Mexico. It is widely believed that this stone promotes spirtual growth and balances both yin/yang energies. Some … Continue Reading