Silk is Great for Beading

Silk Cord The softness and stability Silk provides is one of the reasons it is very popular among beaders. You can make a simple necklace by stringing gemstone beads, or you can take it a step further and knot in-between each bead. Using the knotting technique, which can be learned in one of our Classes, you can … Continue Reading

Bracelet Stacks

Fall Bracelet Stacks Choosing the right color combination for your accessories can be a little stressful. Here are some helpful color suggestions when creating Autumn themed bracelet stacks! A Huge Color this Fall is Dark Blue. Blue and Yellow: Pick up some Lapis and compliment their gold flakes with Citrine. Orange and Brown: Try incorporating some wood … Continue Reading

Gemstones for New Moon Intention Setting (Oct 8th)

New Moon Manifestation We all know that the phases of the moon can affect how we feel. You’ve probably experienced a really off day and come to realize that it was a full moon. Well, the full moon is not the only powerful phase. The new moon is a great time to set intentions for … Continue Reading

Cocktail Wire Ring Classes

Get Wrapped up in this Ring This October marks a new class for us at Beadworks. We are happy to announce that we are offering a new wire wrapping class. In this Cocktail ring class, you will learn to make a stunning and super customizable ring. With these skills, you can create rings to match any … Continue Reading

October’s Opals

Let’s Talk Opals! October’s birthstone is Opal and the secondary birthstone, if you were wondering, would be Tourmaline. We have a variety of Opal gemstone beads here at Beadworks. We carry Ethiopian Opals, Boulder Opals, Peruvian Opals, Dendritic Opals, and Austrailian Opals. Yes, we’re a bit obsessed! It is said that Opals are the “Eye Stone” … Continue Reading

It’s Back! The 2-3-5 Gemstone Strands Sale!

That’s right, your favorite sale is back! We are starting Fall all off right with everyone’s favorite sale! Brand new Fall & Winter toned gems we kept from our Gem Show will be perfect for making jewelry to get us through the upcoming months. Feel better about longer nights and colder days with some new … Continue Reading