Gemstones to Help You Stay Grounded

Stay Grounded It is easy to get swept up into the busyness of everyday life. Our routines can become too comfortable, or we keep ourselves so busy that we don’t have time to hear our own thoughts. If this sounds like you, good job! You found this post, which is a great first step in … Continue Reading

The Magic of Memory Wire

What is Memory Wire? Memory Wire is a type of wire that even when stretched out, springs back to its original shape. The structure of this wire makes this material extremely versatile and easy to use. Here at Beadworks, we carry Three sizes, small(ring), medium(bracelet), and large(necklace). Small Going to a party this summer and … Continue Reading

Rediscovering your lost love, Wire Wrapping

Falling back in love with Wire Wrapping Wire wrapping has been getting overlooked lately because silk-knotting and the fab prayer beads necklaces it produces have been so popular. Recently at Beadworks, staffers have been falling back in love with the look of wire wrapping. It gives a delicate ethereal look to our gemstone beads that nothing else compares to. … Continue Reading

Making Macrame jewelry

Macrame, a Summer Classic, is Easy and Fun! Macrame takes over the wrists and ankles of summer goers. This simply stunning jewelry making technique is perfect for those lazy summer days. Sit back and relax with some stringing material and a handful of your favorite gemstone beads and macrame away. We’ve got all you need … Continue Reading

Cool Gemstones for the Zodiac’s Caretaker, Cancer

Birthstones for Cancer Happy Birthday Month, Cancer! Just like the beautiful little crab you are, you can seem hesitant and even standoffish at first, but once past your protective shell, you do all you can to keep those you love, happy and healthy. Let us embrace your water elements and dive into the gemstone world. … Continue Reading

Red, White and Blue Gemstone Sale!

July Gemstone Sale! This is America’s 242nd year of independence and here at Beadworks we are celebrating by helping you create eye-catching Jewelry. Check out our Classes schedule where you can then make some Red White and Blue pieces on your own. Make sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for all the summer … Continue Reading