Yup, all the Pearls are Real at Beadworks

Pearls are a favorite at Beadworks and our selection is vast from large hole pearls to coin pearls to lustrous baroque pearls. One of the questions we often get is “Are these all real?!” Well if you read the title, then you already know the answer is yes! Since pearls are so versatile, they have the … Continue Reading

Pisces Season is Upon Us!

Pisces Season: February 18-March 20 The season of the fish is here, meaning we are in for a time of introspection, reflection, and diving deep within. This is a great time to begin or commit deeper into a meditation practice or create a self-care routine. With Pisces being a water sign, take this time to … Continue Reading

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet Class

Bring on the Scents of Spring Join us for a celebration of the Spring Equinox at Beadworks! We’ve decided to host an Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry Making Class specially designed to welcome the new season. Help yourself ease out of Winter as we move toward the renewing season of Spring. Sow your seeds, manifest your intentions, … Continue Reading

Make Your Own Prayer Beads

You can call it a mala, yoga beads, or Buddhist prayer beads. Whatever you call it, know that this piece of jewelry will aid with meditation and focus. Even the act of making the bracelet or necklace is in itself very meditative. Learn the traditional craft of silk knotting while also getting to know the different gemstones we … Continue Reading

Class in Session: Wire Wrapped Rings

If you’ve been admiring the wire wrapped rings we have on display at the shop, then we’ve got some classes coming up just for you! In our Wire Wrapped Rings class, we will show you how to incorporate gemstones into rings, expanding your skill set beyond bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Make a ring to match … Continue Reading

Aquamarine: Stone of the Sea

All About Aquamarine Happy birthday to all of you born in March! This month is all about the beautiful blue hues of aquamarine. It’s a fairly common stone, and you will definitely find it all over the store. Look for the light and airy blue color, though you may also find some in a darker, … Continue Reading