With this simple beading technique for making a wire loop, you can make earrings, add beads to chain and much more.

Bead tips are used with silk knotting projects to attach the clasp. There are different styles of bead tips. Learn how to use the Clam Shell Bead Tips with this.

Overhand knots are used everywhere from Macrame to show laces. Make sure you’ve got the right knotting technique.

Fold over crimps are the go-too findings for attaching clasps to leather cord, satin cord and many other stringing materials. Learn how to use them.

Sliding knots eliminate the need for a clasp and are a great choice for kid’s jewelry and finishing leather cord necklaces and bracelets. Get started tying a sliding knot clasp.

The wire wrapping loop beading technique is the foundation of advanced skills like briolette wrapping and much more.

Jump rings are a simple finding but the proper technique for opening and closing jump rings is the difference between charms and clasps staying attached or not.

Flat nose pliers are all you need for this most basic of beading techniques. Learn how to finish a beading project with a flat crimp.

Silk knotting is a centuries old beading technique and the classic method for stringing pearls. Both the tools and the technique are simple. Learn how to knot with an awl.

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