Buddhism: The Endless Knot

The Endless Knot is a universal symbol of peace and enlightenment influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism’s “Eight Auspicious Symbols”. It is often used in jewelry, tapestry, and other art forms. The intertwined lines that overlap without a beginning or an end represent Buddha’s endless wisdom and symbolizes how all life matter on Earth are related … Continue Reading

Creative Spotlight: Jim Loewer Glass Co.

Philadelphia’s art scene is filled with talented artists of many different fields. We are lucky to be within the same vicinity as Jim Loewer’s glass blowing studio. Located at 1241 Carpenter St., Jim Loewer Glass Co. offers a variety of lampworking classes. For beginners with little to no experience, Loewer offers a glass pendant class … Continue Reading

New Class: Cage Wrapping

Guest Instructor and Beadworks Alumni, Shawn Rybacki, has been cage wrapping stones for many years. She is hands down one of the best, self-taught wire wrappers in the Philly scene. With her love for stones and her keen eye for design, her pieces are truly a work of art. We are pleased to announce that … Continue Reading

Clear-Cut Products For appnext – An Intro cpiadvertising reviews com

Google AdSense is generally said to be instead difficult to use to make money. However, in fact it is not truly true. You can be truly effective if you invest sufficient time and patience. Beneath are 7 simpliest suggestions to make earnings utilizing Google AdSense. Other than checking if Google or any other lookup engine … Continue Reading

Advice For phonesheriff review Uncovered phonetrackingreviews com

Your eyes are bleary and you’ve been living on caffeine for several evenings in a row. Now you are wondering if you’ve become a wee little bit obsessed with Globe of Warcraft. So what are you heading to do to steer clear of complete-on WoW Addiction? Random thoughts will culminate in Google queries lasting for … Continue Reading

Labradorite: The Northern Lights Stone

Labradorite has been a very popular stone since it was first discovered in 1770 on the isle of Paul in Labrador, Canada. Since the discovery of Labradorite, it has been found in parts of Russia, Madagascar, Australia, and Finland. It is a feldspar, meaning it is a rock that consists of aluminosilicates of potassium, calcium, … Continue Reading